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colorado fake id FAKE ID CARDS APPEAR EASY TO GET Five months after Governor Cuomo signed a law regulating the sale or production of identification cards, many fraudulent ones are still being sold at Manhattan novelty shops, with many used by underaged liquor buyers, according to a random survey of the stores and interviews with customers. Youths from Manhattan are joined by their counterparts from Long Island, New Jersey and other suburban areas in buying what they see as a pass to bars, liquor stores and college fraternity parties. One Times Square merchant said he sold 100 to 150 of the laminated photo identification cards a day. ''There's a major investigation currently being conducted by the State Attorney General's office and the New York City Office of Consumer Affairs,'' said Mayor Koch's press secretary, William Rauch, who would not comment further. Interest in the identification cards has intensified with recent allegations that minors, many using fraudulent identification, patronized Dorrian's Red Hand, the East Side bar where the police say 18yearold Jennifer Dawn Levin was with Robert E. Chambers Jr., 19, on Aug. 26, just hours before she was killed in Central Park. Mr. Chambers has been accused of strangling her. The police found an altered learner's permit, giving her age as 22, among Miss Levin's belongings near her body. Merchants at more than half a dozen Manhattan shops either acknowledged to a potential customer over the last week that they sold the cards without the words ''novelty'' stamped on them or were observed selling the documents, most costing about $10, to people who later said they were under age. But at some stores, when asked by a reporter if they sold the cards without the ''novelty'' stamp, the owners, managers, or workers of the shops either denied selling them or refused to comment. Most of the cards sold simply say ''Personal Identification'' or ''Student Identification,'' and list a person's name, address and date of birth. The college of the buyer's choice is typed onto the student ID card. One slightly more elaborate student identification card, sold at the Time Jewelry store, at 105 West 42d Street, said the card ''must be returned to the office of the dean of the college'' upon termination or interruption of enrollment. Alan Chu, who lives in Chinatown, had just bought an identification card at a booth inside the Playland Arcade at 1485 Broadway, between 42d and 43d Streets, and said the man who had sold him the card realized that he was under age. ''The guy said, 'I'll bet you a hundred dollars you're not more than 13 years old,' '' Mr. Chu said. ''After I got it, I said: 'You would have lost. I'm 15 and a half.' '' A man who sold the cards at the arcade said he had no comment on the boy's assertions. fake student id Just Reduced fake id felony
nevada fake id laws Fake IDs are everywhere Okay, so you 18 or 19 and in college, and are stressed because you have to be 21 in order to gain entry to a night club or bar where you like to drink up a storm and mingle with a mature crowd. Or really, you just want to meet someone. Life sure is tough, isn it? You have to wait till you 21, but by then may be graduated from college (and a lot more mature, and thus, getting plastered would no longer have appeal). college kids circumvent this age restriction with the fake ID. And over the years, it gotten easier to get the fake ID, thanks to the Internet. In fact, the Internet is replete with sellers of fake IDs to anonymous customers. Nevertheless, college kids can still get fake IDs the oldfashioned way: by asking around. It won be long before they have contact information and simple instructions regarding payment and sending the supplier a photo. Beware of the Consequences of Getting Caught with a Fake ID Come on, is it really worth it? Do you know any grad students who go through their days haunted with agony because they never had a fake ID as undergrads?